Hi! My name is Lalit Sharma, and I'm a programmer based in Vancouver

I believe in creating castles in the air. Some call it programming.

After receiving my Bachelor's degree in 2011 from PEC University of Technology, I joined a startup and honed my skills as a full stack developer. I currently run my own shop, developing enterprise software for SMEs and NGOs.

Besides this, I love long distance cycling and mountaineering. I've travelled and hiked across Himalayas and the Western Ghats in India.

Professional skills

Software Engineering

I've worked on authentication, performance oriented logging and SSL security, ensuring deliverables on time under aggressive deadlines.

Software Design

I've designed, implemented and maintained ERP solutions for many businesses and Non-profits, providing low-cost and high-availability systems.


I've cycled across Himalayas on solo bike rides. Covered a good deal with trekking as well. I'm currently writing a travelogue on my journey through Jammu and Kashmir, India.